Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I remember in 2005 my dad took me to a concert at the Keswick Theatre. It was a tribute to our friend Pete Seeger and a benefit for Sing Out!, my father's magazine. Many performers graced that stage that night, including Pete, and I am proud to call them part of my community. That night, I saw Odetta in concert. She had so much presence, and her voice was that of civil rights, of change. I find myself feeling guilty, that I've never seen my mother perform with this woman, whose spirit and life touched so many.

I have never been so proud of the community my parents call their family and friends, and the community I hope to be able to embrace as graciously as it has embraced me. I have been so very lucky to be around minds and hearts such as Odetta's and Pete's and Tom's and Priscilla's, and Cindy's and my Mother's, and everyone who I have (even if it was reluctantly), watched wide eyed as they painted stories on stage.

I only hope to be so lucky as to meet more people like this in my life, and do everything in my power to make a difference.

RIP Odetta, Your light and spirit will be missed, my thoughts are with you.
December 30th 1930 - December 2nd 2008

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