Sunday, November 16, 2008

First of Many...

So I've been an avid Xanga user for about 7 years, with the same account and updating at least once a day. After careful thought and consideration (and a little push from my good friend LA.SH (Tri-Colour Cookie), you can find him in my followers section, he does music reviews), I've decided to part from my ever giving xanga community, for as much as I love reading and getting updated with the news of the xangian community, I just wasn't getting the response I hoped for. I wished (silently) for a few more readers, and while I'll continue posting there for more personal and journal-esque issues, the majority of my blogging energy will be focused here.

I'd also like to shamelessy plug my YouTube account, please subscribe, comment, and recommend.
(Currently the majority of vlogs are just fucking around, but two of them actually have valuble content. Hah.)

The first REAL blog will be posted later this evening. Thanks to all.

(By 7 years I definitely meant 4. It's just felt like 7.)

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