Sunday, November 16, 2008

Love, and Truth.

Fourth post in one day, mainly because I decided to stay in this Sunday.

In my 18 years, I have had the pleasure of falling in love a million times, with family, with friends, with myself. I think that the concept of love is often lost on those without hope and trust in their hearts. Love is not about what the other person can give you but what they can make you, and what you can give them. I have been lucky enough to grow up with an old soul and a naive heart. (I will admit that.) I have always seen the best in everyone and believed that they would see the best in me, and lord knows how many times that has come to bite me in the ass (or maybe better said, in the heart.) But, after all of these surprises people throw at me, I refuse to lose hope.

I think that if my Grandmother can stick by my Grandfather's side as he loses his mind to dementia, if my Pop Pop can hold my Grammy's hand through the surgery to get her tumor removed and her recuperation, if my Aunt can find someone on the INTERNET who changes the life of her and her children in the course of one year, if friends can remain through the most tumultuous of break ups, if my parents can stay together through the constant traveling. If after 10 years my best friend still stands by my side day after day, if a child can forgive the parent who neglected them, if at 90 years old a women drives down the street and honks in praise for a group of people protesting for equality, if that group of people can even come together with never knowing each other and protest for that equality. If all that can happen, then true love must exist, because none of that can happen without love in people's hearts.

There is nothing more true than love. There is nothing that fuels love more than the truth.

(Also, yesterday at the protest this man drove by us and said "Look at my license plate!" and when we did, it read this:


it may seem silly, but the whole day yesterday brought tears of joy to my eyes. There is hope.)


Dr Susan said...

This added a nugget of hope to my heart :-)

Tamlyn Raven said...

Glad to hear that!