Sunday, November 16, 2008


I find it astounding that the teachers here have such an indifference even towards their own curriculum.
I am currently in a class delving into the social and medical implications behind embryonic stem cell (ESC) research. While I am extremely interested in the subject matter and put myself in full force, I still struggle due to the scientific nature of the class, but I believe that I demonstrate my commitment. I am usually one of the few people who do the reading and discuss it the next day, I work hard on my papers and turn them in on time, when he asks for help outside of class I am usually willing to do some extra research for him and send him a speedy e-mail. Although, I am beginning to wonder why I do such a thing. Mainly because when it comes time for this teacher to help his students, he is extremely lax. This is my first college science course, and coming from a performing arts high school, my science has never been especially strong, so when I have questions concerning my papers, he tells me to e-mail them. And I do, usually around the 3pm or 4pm time mark, and when do my one sentence not so clear answers appear? 9:30pm. Which makes it so if I have asked an imperative question to my report, I need to pull an all nighter in something I could have finished hours before.

This weekend brought a new sense of frustration with this man, when Thursday he informed us he'd e-mail us Tuesday's assignment in an hour, so we'd have the whole weekend to work on it. (Side note, he'd asked us for input on what our final paper should be, and I, presumably, was the only student to hand in input.) It is now Sunday evening and I have sent countless e-mails to my professor asking whether or not he was going to email us our assignment. Neither myself nor any of my classmates have received a response.

I attended a school where teachers care, and not only did they care, they also made sure to follow through with their promises. I am just extremely frustrated by the fact that my teacher has single handedly hindered the grades of every single one of our papers by giving us one night to complete them.

8 pages single spaced.

I'm beginning to wonder if every teacher should be required to take a "I actually care about my job," test. Fuckers.


J.C. Lee said...

Ah, Tamlyn...

So many college profs hold onto those precious positions because it gives them steady income and a place and time to do research.

Teaching is an afterthought to them.

Hang in.

Dr Susan said...

True story Tam.

Tamlyn Raven said...

Blogger won't let me get to you Dr.Dani, but thanks! Hope you keep in touch!