Saturday, November 22, 2008

Smiling Eyes

There's a certain smell that always gets me. It reminds me so much of the times when we used to sit in my room and laugh for hours. It does not make me wonder what it would be like if you had never moved, it just reminds me of how it used to feel to be a child. And I like that.

One thing that I've always envied are eyes that look like they're smiling. Sometimes, when I say hello to someone it's not their face that tells me "I'm glad to see you too," it is their eyes. There is some light behind the eyes of these lucky people that just shows their happiness. And I wish so much that someone sees that in my eyes too.

I've never thought that I had those eyes. My eyes are so dark that I feel like no matter how much power I push through them no one will see the joy I feel. So I laugh a lot, and I smile as hard as I can, and then they know.

You have those smiling eyes, friend, and I cannot wait for the day that I can see them again. You are so far away but know that you will always be my brother no matter the time between us talking. And I love you. And sometimes, it is the thought of you that helps me make my decisions.

This post is not well written, nor understandable, but for me, it is everything I'm feeling. And I am so happy that I have found that smell again, along with smiling eyes.


LA.SH said...

I love this post. I really get what you are saying, especially with the smells bringing back memories. ...YOU NUT! :)

Tamlyn Raven said...